AYLF Community Work with Kayonza District

AYLF Rwamagana with Kayonza District in last month's community work(Umuganda) on 27th/04/2024 together with Kayonza residents and the Mayor.

The community work focused on:

Digging terraces: This promotes soil conservation and improves agricultural productivity.

Promoting healthy nutrition: AYLF used the opportunity to educate the community about the importance of green vegetables in a balanced diet to combat malnutrition.

Encouraging hygiene: The gathering emphasized the importance of personal hygiene and maintaining a clean environment to promote a culture of cleanliness.

Sustainable practices: The use of biodegradable materials as a source of manure for kitchen gardens highlights a focus on environmentally-friendly practices.

I appreciate AYLF for mentorship, guidance, trust and the opportunity to give back to our communities.



Thierry NABAYO

Rwamagana Campus Coordinator.