Community Outreach

We give LOVE, build HOPE to the hopeless & vulnerable communities and save LIVES while contributing to the development of the country through different public & community services in order to inspire, encourage and cultivate the spirit of giving back to the community into our young people


Umuganda/Public Clean ups and other public activities

Creates awareness about national policies and builds patriotism spirit for our youths and Inspires them to look for solutions of the problems in community within them and by themselves.

Humanitarian Acts

We give love, build hope, save lives and put a smile on someone's face and maintain human dignity.
- Fellowship together with the least among the community
- Visit and feeding patients at the Hospitals
- Provision of Health insurances to the least families and individuals at the hospitals
- Provision of Shelter to vulnerable and shelter-less communities
- Provision of food and other items of assistance for needy communities
- Seed funding for Women and Youths