Youth/Student Leadership Development and Mentoring

We believe leadership is being self-aware, having the ability to identify and meet community needs for transformation while inspiring them to exploit their gifts and potential.


AYLF Weekly Small group fellowship meetings/dialogues

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." - Proverbs 27:17

AYLF small group is a space where young leaders meet, share, and discuss how they can metamorphose into greater sustainable transforming agents of change in their society. Given that it's a weekly regular meeting, it helps in building long-term intentional relationships between the next generation of the leaders since they share life and keep account of each other. Small groups help us live out our highest and best values while studying concepts and case studies that maximize our leadership potentials and personal growth.

AYLF has now over 31 campus small groups of about 35 active members more >>

AYLF Regular Student Leadership Trainings

With over 13 years of leadership training experience, we offer a certified 3-months, 6-months and/or 9-months intensive leadership training program that seeks to raise change-makers, transformational and servant leaders from the African young generation who will endeavor to bring solutions to the challenges we face in the society.

AYLF Annual Coordinators' Retreat

bring together the small group coordinators for capacity building, training, and rejuvenation on how they do their work in the various campuses we operate in.

AYLF Annual Gatherings & National Prayer Breakfasts

Prayer Breakfast fellowship groups from the globe composed of senior people in Leadership and businesses, young professionals and AYLF members and leaders at all levels of society gather regularly to pray for each other, their nations and the world in the Spirit of Jesus of Nazareth. And for strategic mentorship, networking and reconnecting with likeminded friends to ensure success and celebrate differences.

Provincial Annual Youth Empowerment Conference

bring together our members from the small groups AYLF operates in for joint sessions. It takes place annually in Southern Province, Eastern Province, Northern Province and Kigali City. And more than 5000 youths always participates in these conferences annually and get inspired and challenged to live up to their full potential and succeed in life as they give back to their communities.

High School "Student-Teacher" Mentorship

Establish and run leadership clubs in high schools for career guidance, character and capacity building to instill a sense of grit, purpose, determination, and skills in young people. And promote "student - teacher" relationship which will contribute in mental development and academic excellence for student.

Student Leaders' Award

train, mentor, recognize and award exemplary student leaders from the Rwandan Universities, youth’s business ideas that have impacted communities. And to inspire value based leadership and servant-hood among young leaders in Rwanda

AYLF Leaders' Dinner

engage successful senior leaders and business men and women in the work we do for their continued collaboration and inspiration.

AYLF Debate Club

gives students of all abilities a fun and easy way of developing their oracy skills. improves their critical thinking and confident communication. sharpens them and become more informed about global affairs. creates a platform for them to express their constructive ideas in policy making.

Cultural Diversity and life celebration

Celebrating cultural diversity and life in general is our key strength. It is within our differences that we can find beauty and life meaning. It helps overcome stereotypes, builds cultural awareness, discourage racism and encourages unity, forgiveness and collaboration.

Memorials & Survivors Visits of 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsis

Helps us deeper understand better and learn from the history of the Genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda in order to nurture a new breed of leaders in Africa who love and respect one another and those they lead. This tragedy in Rwanda lasted from 7 April to mid-July and more than 1 million Tutsis were killed. Its negative effects are many and in all sectors of the life of the Rwandans. But the good news is that in the nearly three decades since this tragedy, Rwanda has transformed, rebuilt and reconciled and it's now one of the safest and beautiful countries in Africa.

AYLF - Francophone Youth Gathering

Young people are the greatest hope for the development of any movement, community and/or nation. When they are well empowered, equipped and engaged in policy making and execution, they can become a great resource that can make positive impact to their communities, nations, and towards a better world at large. The OIF stated that: In 2060, more than 700 million human beings will live in French-speaking countries. And that ¾ of them will be under thirty years old and will live in Africa – ( However, these youths’ ambitions, goals, and aspirations for peace, unity, reconciliation and sustainable development are lacking a fertile land for more >>