AYLF UR-Remera Campus Student Leadership Training

Date: 1st November 2023

Campus name: UR-REMERA

Title: AYLF Student Leadership Training on 7 Habits of highly effective people

PURPOSE: Nurturing a new breed of Leaders in our Campus

Outcomes: We have learnt from 7 Habits of highly effective people how to leave the university community with Knowledge, Exposure, Experience and Networking. We have also leant Habit 1: Be proactive whereby we end up with ability to be proactive and not Reactive person. We have also leant Self awareness, conscience ,power of imagination, and the freedom of choice. We are a product of our choice ✍🏿

We appreciate our Mentor and Country Coordinator Pascal for his kindness and being with us every time especially for today's training🙏🏿

We also thank Mr Mourice Kigali program coordinator, all AYLF mentors and patron, Alumni and members

Participants: 75