INES AYLF Weekly Small groups fellowships this week

AYLF Weekly Small groups fellowships on 19th October 2023


  1. To get to know yourself you have to ask yourself
  2. How do I meet me:

a) Self-acceptance

b) Stopping self-criticism and working to solve all the defects of ourselves

c) Stop self-depreciation/self-undermining

Find peace in imperfection

d) Stop raising reasons for your failure

e) surround yourself with positive and collaborative

      3. What can I do so that I, who is in me will be strong

a) be courageous

b) believe in yourself

c) never give up easily

Importance of meeting yourself

   1. Your disclosure is the response to your  peer

      .. 2nd speaker: BAHATI Gisubizo

   Topic: ATTITUDE

The way you see yourself is the spirit of leadership

      Animals on the planet have a great ATTITUDE and they include the following:

1. Eagle( king of the birds)

2. Lion(king of the jungle)

(They both have the spirit attitude and leadership since we call them to be the kings of their kingdoms)