AYLF-UR Huye campus Special Saturday

THEME: "Meaningful Friendship, an investment for future Life"

In the morning of this last Saturday, AYLF Huye campus has initiated the program called "AYLF Special Saturday"

This program is an initiative by AYLF UR-Huye small group members and expected to occur once in a month but on a monthly basis.


  • To create an environment for deep and meaningful relationships building.
  • Ground for exercising "brotherhood" as a tool of working in a spirit of family of friends.
  • Ground to asses small group actions and make evaluation towards AYLF vision and mission.
  • sharing the life of small group to all members  and receive ideas to be put on the new agenda.

OUT LET: To day's special Saturday program was made up of the following actions:

  • Discussion about the theme of the day by UR Huye dean of students.
  • He shared that *Life of to day is  built on connection/friendship.
  • a better way of connecting is to make a meaningful friendship.

Conclusion. We concluded by agreeing to make AYLF great and diversity inclusive by developing the values of being a family of friends from inside out.