Kenya National Prayer breakfast and Young/Student Leaders Gathering

Yesterday on 10th/06/2023, was an end of this years aylf annual gathering where participants had opportunities to learn from different speakers and mentors. They also had opportunity to attend the Kenya National Prayer Breakfast which took place on 7th at Safari Park Hotel and H.E Dr. William Ruto was the guest of Honor.

Bellow is a testimony from one of the participants:

On Behalf of Laikipia University Students Association We're very greatfull for AYLF Program ;Seizing Opportunities, Open-mindedness, Pro-activeness, Independence & Communications Were Part Of Skills we were able to Acquire from AYLF,....

In a 5-day session we've also learnt to let our ambition be the Architect of our  destinies, Build bridges of opportunities, ignite fire of Passion, and sail the seas of Possibilities. Embrace the Helm of Our lives and Navigate towards the shore of purpose

The inspiration of young people's dreams to yield a holistic, hardworking, and sober nation is essential for creating a better future.

Indeed when the youth are inspired to pursue their desires while also valuing productivity, personal growth, and responsibility, they can become a driving force for positive change in society. @Gabriel - Kenya @Tim Looking forward to see you guys once again,....

Deplaned Successfully;


Tuikong Dennis - LU President