AYLF-RWANDA Annual Campus Coordinators' Retreat - Southern Province

AYLF-Rwanda province tour retreats continues to the southern province on this 1st and 2nd of April 2023 in Huye. This tour retreat has gathered 28 coordinators from Southern province, 29 coordinators from Eastern province and 32 coordinators from Northern & Western province so far. Kigali City will be the next one to host this retreat with Kigali campus coordinators.

The purpose of these retreats is: 

  • To revisit our AYLF DNA with campus small group coordinators, for it has been discovered that every year more than a half of our team leadership, campus coordinators are new
  • Learning how to use AYLF online management and filing system,
  • To study together about AYLF New Curriculum/Module one,
  • Sharing skills on how to build an effective strong small group at campus level and
  • Connecting while building a strong relationship between each another

AYLF-Rwanda continues to spread and impact lives of young people across the country; and a lot of effort has been put to building relationships and partnerships with with those involved and building capacities of our small group coordination teams at campus and at province level across the country, for we believe that we can only realize our successes when our desire for strong leaders at the small groups is met.